Competition is Good for Fitness Clubs

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The Fitness Industry Survey in 2013 found membership of fitness clubs has increased more than 10% since 2012.  At the same time the survey found one of their biggest issues for 2013 faced by the fitness industry was ‘competition’.  


Richard Beddie, Chief Executive Officer of Fitness New Zealand states “One of the key drivers is the expansion of franchise operators, often with smaller footprint 24/7 facilities.  At the same time, the larger clubs have continued to maintain their size, resulting in both an increase in the choices for the consumer, as well as growing the overall number of users of clubs/gyms.”

24 hour franchise clubs may be all the rage in the fitness industry at the moment however only 20% of clubs are open 24 hours a day so this can’t be the only reason for increased membership.  In addition with only 21% of clubs franchised, the majority 30% of clubs are still privately owned.


Is there another reason for the continuing growth of membership in fitness clubs in Australia and New Zealand besides the opening of more fitness clubs?


Lauretta Stace, Chief Executive Officer of Fitness Australia attributes the continued growth of membership to “The publicity and concern surrounding the rates of obesity and preventable chronic diseases among the Australian population has also played a major role in raising awareness.”


She states the fitness industry provides a valuable service to these individuals “…who are seeking health and fitness improvements as well as support and encouragement for lifestyle changes.”


Membership growth and the rate of new fitness clubs opening is not set to slow down any time soon.


“Each year we see more fitness clubs opening in Australia and New Zealand and we also see an increase in membership numbers.” says Celeste Kirby-Brown, Director of Sales, Marketing and Relationships at Ezypay.  “Competition doesn’t appear to be detrimental to membership numbers in the industry.  In fact based on past years we expect to see a growth in membership numbers as well a growth in fitness clubs opening in 2013.”


For this information and more on fitness clubs you can download the fitness club infograph here.





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