Download Now: Club Infograph 2014 for Gyms

club infograph 2014You said it and we made it – download the club infograph 2014 today to find out what other fitness clubs are doing right – and will improve on in 2015. This year’s Fitness Industry Survey encompassed Australia, New Zealand as well as new additions such as Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong – officially making it our biggest survey yet! Thanks to your support, we have received 11,126 responses from club members, gym managers and owners!

The club infograph 2014 is divided into 7 types of clubs.23.4% of the respondents came from privately owned clubs and 14.10% came from privately owned clubs with more than one site. An astounding 40% of the respondents subscribed to franchise clubs, while 4% came from university clubs. Council owned and managed respondents are about 5%, council owned and not council managed respondents are 2%.

Club Infograph 2014 Results

56% of the respondents have been members in their current gym for more than 12 months, whilst 14% of them are members for the duration of 4 to 6 months.  12% are in the current for 3 months or less, 9% of the respondents are in the current gym for 4 to 6 months and 9% of them are in for 10 to 12 months.

From the Fitness Industry Survey, we know that 26% of the respondent’s gyms are operating 24 hours a day, while 74% of the gyms operate within normal opening hours, which varies between gyms.

Top 10 Reasons Members Stay at their Gym

We have also asked our respondents about the expectations of their gyms and why are they staying in their current gym. Here are the top 10 reasons for staying at their gym: 53% of them said is it was because of the location that is close to home/ office which enables them to work out frequently without the need to travel far. 45% of the respondents said it was because it was value for money. 37% said it was because of the professionalism of the staff and another 37% chose overall atmosphere for their reason of staying in their current gym. Others includes personal motivation which is 31%, engaging staff 29%, machines working in the right order 29%, overall cleanliness 28%, varieties of group fitness classes 27% and no change in membership fees 26%.

Top 4 Challenges Club Face in 2015

Another question that was asked is the 4 top issues facing club. 20% of the respondents said it was because of time-work commitments, 19% agreed it was because of the location of the gym, 14% said it was because of a change in financial commitments and 12% said it was because of time and family commitments.

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