Fitness Members tell what they think of their club

fitness members

Fitness members are once again being asked to tell the fitness industry survey team what they think of their club.


Fitness members have a lot to say!


Last year we had over 20,000 current and ex fitness members tell us what they think of their clubs.  The data was compiled by the fitness industry survey team and used in a variety of reports.  These fitness industry reports were delivered by Ezypay and provided for free to anyone who wished to download them.


There was loads of information that we developed including infographs on personal trainers, staff salaries, clubs, members and marketing.  One of the most popular reports from the survey last year was the trend report.  Many people downloaded the trend report.  It had insights from 7 industry insiders as to what the year ahead would bring.  Many focuses included technology, online sales, and holistic health services including fitness.


So this year once again we are asking you to please participate in the survey if you are a fitness member – past or present.  Please click on the link below and tell us what you think about your club.   This year you can also fill in the survey if you are from New Zealand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia!  Please get started.


fitness members


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