How Does Your Fitness Salary Compare?

fitness salary

Now you can compare your fitness salary to the average salary for other fitness professionals in the same role as you.  

So big question…how does your fitness salary compare?

To find out all you need to do is to download the staff salary infograph using the download button below.  It will show you the average hourly and annual rates for:

  • Club managers
  • Fitness coordinators
  • Personal trainers
  • Receptionists and more


This infograph is the final in the series of infographs developed from the results of the fitness industry survey.  We still plan on releasing a final report with both the member and club data however you will find 5 information laden infographs available for download from our website.


So how does your fitness salary compare?  Will you be asking your boss for a raise tomorrow? Find out by downloading the free infograph guide.


All information quoted here has come from the Australian and New Zealand Fitness Industry Survey 2013.  You can download the infographs from this survey for free here. Download your copy of the fitness staff salary infograph for FREE.

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