What is the Future of Personal Training?

future of personal training

So what is the future of personal training? It’s not just gyms going low cost it’s personal trainers too.  The model for personal trainers is moving from employed to contracted.

Trent Brown, Chief Executive Officer of Ezypay says “It is aligned with the low cost gym model. Effectively it is commission only.”

In 2011, 56% of Australian clubs reported employing all of their personal trainers, while contracting accounted for just 25%. In 2013, however, this situation has been reversed, with more clubs contracting PTs than employing them. In this respect, the industry appears to be following a trend that was notably evident in New Zealand in 2011.

Low cost clubs, that are located centrally and are affordable are what members are looking for.  If the trend is for Personal Trainers to follow what is happening in clubs then PTs need to be thinking about how they can make their services centrally located and affordable.

What business models will we see in the future of personal training?  It will need to be centrally located to clients and affordable.

About the Fitness Industry Survey
In 2013 Ezypay ran the Australian and New Zealand Fitness Industry Survey.  The personal training infograph is the third in a series of free downloadable infographs we have created with the results of the survey.  Still to come are infographs on marketing and communication, staff salaries and the full report with all the results. Over 20,000 members and 1,150 clubs responded this year.  The personal training infograph contains information from both member and club surveys.

All this information and more is available in the form of a FREE DOWNLOADABLE infograph by clicking the download button.

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