4 ways to Increase Membership Sales with ex-member campaigns

increase membership sales

 Your ex-members are a great way to increase membership sales.

27% of members who have left a club will NOT consider re-joining that same club.

However the majority would.  So how do you win a member back?

With over 20,000 members responding to the Fitness Industry Survey in Australia and New Zealand we know the 4 top ways are:

  1. Provide a no contract membership;
  2. Don’t increase their membership fee;
  3. Offer then a no joining fee; or
  4. Give them free personal training.

“Clubs who have lists of ex-members should be trying to win them back. It's a very easy way to increase membership sales.” Says Celeste Kirby-Brown, Director of Sales, Marketing and Relationships at Ezypay “Sending ex-members emails with any of these four offers is a low cost and effective marketing strategy.  They have told you how to win them back and also in what channel.”

“This is also a lot easier for clubs to do if they keep a list of their ex-members and also send the email campaigns from a central point like a club software system.  iconnect360 is a great tool for this and even has a campaign section so all communication to members appears on their record – much like a facebook timeline.  This tool has been developed to allow clubs to run all sorts of different campaigns and increase membership sales.” states Kirby-Brown. “In fact iconnect360 is all about making it easy for clubs to increase membership sales.”

About the Fitness Industry Survey

Since 2008 Ezypay has been conducting the Fitness Industry Survey. We survey both owners/managers and members across Australia and New Zealand. The questions are varied and each year we focus on a particular topic. These range from retention, sales, technology, social media and personal training. This year we had over 19,000 members and 1,150 clubs respond.  You can view the full member infograph and download a free copy here.

You can view the full member infograph and download a free copy at here.  If you are interested in this information don't forget to subscribe to our news so you will be the first to know when the next report on clubs is available.  Or you can connect with the fitness industry survey on facebook, or linkedin.

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