Valuable insights into the Australian fitness industry

australian fitness industry insights in health club magazine


This month in Health Club Magazine on page 84 you will discover valuable insights into the Australian Fitness Industry.


New research provides valuable insights into the Australian fitness industry.  Trent Brown, CEO at Ezypay, offers an analysis of the Australian and New Zealand markets based on key findings of the report.


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Trent Brown wrote:

The fitness landscape in Australia and New Zealand has changed considerably in recent years, most notably with the growth of small footprint and 24-hour clubs challenging the big players. This, coupled with reduced discretionary consumer spending caused by economic uncertainty, has resulted in a highly competitive environment.


The article also features current issues faced by clubs.

On average, and in order of importance, the most significant issues identified by clubs in Australia and New Zealand this year are:

  • Government legislation
  • Obtaining finance
  • Staff retention
  • Finding an effective software system
  • Better understanding of how to use social media
  • Motivating staff
  • Managing staff
  • Finding good staff
  • Competition from other operators
  • Marketing
  • Member retention
  • Membership sales


Trent Brown also discussed some of the key findings and trends highlighted by this year’s report such as smaller facilities, facilities and services, changing formats, personal training, member acquisition and retention, social media, and the future of fitness.


You can download a number of infographs based on the fitness industry survey findings by visiting this website


You will find;

  • a member infograph,
  • a club infograph,
  • a personal training infograph and
  • a marketing and communications infograph.


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