It’s all about the staff! – 2009 AFIS

It’s not all about the latest equipment, the fastest way to lose weight, the best way to do a bench press or the style of classes or music. It’s all about the staff.

In this year’s Australian Fitness Industry Survey released this month 620 owners and managers of gyms and 7,000 active and lapsed members, highlighted continually the fact that the staff are the backbone of the fitness industry.

Australian fitness industry survey

The survey reports that gyms regard finding quality staff as a concern for the coming year, and comments from owners and managers highlighted a disappointment with the quality of industry training that prospective and new staff members had received prior to employment.

The clubs back this need for good staff, reporting that their investment priorities for the coming financial year would be on
staff training and not on fitness equipment, which was one of the top investments in last year’s survey. Over 50 per cent of
clubs are planning to invest in customer service training and attending conferences in the coming year.

One of the industry experts in the survey, Nigel Champion, Executive Director of Australian Fitness Network said:

‘So what is the solution to ‘finding good staff’? This is easier said than done, but it comes down to ‘creating and keeping good staff’ through effective recruitment, continual training, a rewarding work environment, good remuneration and a viable career path’

The staff were also cited by members as being one of the main factors that convinces people to join and more than 45% of members said that the guidance provided by fitness clubs was the main influence that helped them achieve their health and fitness goals, rather than paid personal training or working out on their own. Comments from the members confirmed;

 ‘I am so motivated in everything I do because of my gym/trainer.’

‘The individualised guidance, support and encouragement of the fitness instructors have led me to broaden my fitness horizons and to achieve far more than expected in a short time span’.

Staff also figured highly in the top 10 of what the members expect during each visit to their club. Professionalism of staff  ranked third and the engagement of the staff came in fourth place. The 2009 AFIS also includes extensive information, analysis and insights on club operations, staff pay rates, membership structure, sales, marketing and much more.

To find out more or to purchase your own copy of the 2009 AFIS at a special price, contact or click here for more information. Fitness Network members receive a 10% discount when quoting their membership number.

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