Did You Know…Your Members Prefer Email

members prefer emailA large amount of time and effort can be spent getting information out to members.  It’s super important to know what the best ways to communicate with your members are otherwise you might as well be talking to yourself.  It’s a total waste of money and time if you communicate with them in a channel they don’t use.

So this year the Australian Fitness Industry Survey asked members what their preferred form of communication was.  Not just general communication but more specific areas like group exercise class bookings and swim school bookings.

What we found is that members prefer email.  That should be a relief to most clubs because we also found out that you prefer to email your members too.  After email members would prefer to hear from you via an email newsletter, and then in person when they are at the club.  They really DON’T want you to send them a letter, give them a phone call contact them via social media or send them a text message.

TAKE NOTE – if you are contacting your members in a way they don’t want – you are wasting your time, money and opportunity to get your message across (engagement cost).  This is your opportunity to get the right message to the right person at the right time.

So the best way for you to engage your members at the lowest engagement cost is to use their preferred communication channel.  Here it’s email.

So what emails are you sending out to your members and prospects? What emails could you be sending?  What systems are using for email?  How are you managing your email list?  If you aren’t an expert in this area then you need to be because your competitors are going to be and you will be left behind.

Ezypay and our sponsors are very proud to offer you this fantastic infograph on marketing and communication with clubs for FREE.  We have taken all the information in the Fitness Industry Survey and compiled a FREE and downloadable infograph on marketing and communications in the fitness industry.  You can download your copy now here.  You will also find free infographs on clubs, members, and personal trainers.  Still to come is an infograph on staff salaries and the full survey report.

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