Membership sales and retention – location is the key

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The biggest reason members will join a fitness club is the club’s location.  It has to be close to their home or close to work.

In fact one of the biggest reasons members leave a club is they move house or job.

This goes against the current thinking on membership retention and membership sales.  So retention is not about getting those people to the club over and over again.  In fact this has nothing to do with people leaving the club.  In fact the biggest retention factor will be how close the club is to a members work or home.

So the best way to impact your membership sales and retention is to choose very carefully where you set up your club.  It’s all in the location!

This information was given by nearly 20,000 members of clubs across Australia and New Zealand in the recent Fitness Industry Survey.

“Members are telling us if a club wants to impact their retention they need to provide a variety of exercise, meet the expectations they set out in the beginning in terms of the facilities and the service provided.” states Celeste Kirby-Brown, Director of Sales, Marketing and Relationships at Ezypay.

You can view the full member infograph and download a free copy here.

About the Fitness Industry Survey

Since 2008 Ezypay has been conducting the Fitness Industry Survey. We survey both owners/managers and members across Australia and New Zealand. The questions are varied and each year we focus on a particular topic. These range from retention, sales, technology, social media and personal training. This year we had over 19,000 members and 1,150 clubs respond.  You can view the full member infograph and download a free copy at

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