No Contract Gyms Boom…Really?

no contract gyms

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I was recently reading this article published by the Daily Telegraph on 7 September 2013 called No Contract Gyms Boom as Gyms Get Set for Summer.

If you are interested in reading it the link is here.

The idea in the article is that members join no contract gyms simply because they do not have contracts.  Here is an extract from the article….

“As gyms prepare for their busy summer season, businesses said customers have demanded more flexibility in their contracts.

“People have asked for this for a long time,” Plus Fitness owner Nigel Miller said.

“We love it when people still lock people into contracts because they're feeding us.

“We can set up shop across the street from them, put a no-contracts sign in the window and take all their customers.””

FALSE!  How do I know?  Over 20,000 members told me so in the Australian Fitness Industry Survey in 2013.  In fact members join no contract gyms because of the location and competitive prices.  If you would like to read about why members join a fitness club and other factual information you can download the member infograph for free here.

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