Number 1 factor influencing membership sales and retention is…

This year we are again running a fitness industry survey in Australia and New Zealand.  The survey is asking both fitness club members and fitness club owners/managers their opinions.

If you are a member of a club or an owner or manager of a club please take the survey by clicking on the buttons below.


So far we have had over 12,000 members respond and over 700 owners and managers respond.  The survey closes on Thursday 14th March 2013 so we are hoping these numbers will increase slightly.

What are members telling us so far?

  1. What was your main reason for joining your club?

Location and then value for money (you knew that already right?)

  1. What was the main reason you left your club?

Time – work commitments and then moving location.

  1. What factors have the biggest impact to your long term commitment to staying at a club?

Location, value for money and professional staff (polite, approachable and available).

It’s all about location!

So before you buy or start a club you will need to very carefully research the location.  This is the number 1 factor in membership sales and retention.

Want more?

For more information on the fitness industry survey or to download free reports on previous surveys click here.