Personal Training Infograph finds Clubs Don’t Understand Members

Personal Training Infograph

In 2013 Ezypay ran the Australian and New Zealand Fitness Industry Survey.  The personal training infograph is the third in a series of free downloadable infographs we have created with the results of the survey.  Still to come are infographs on marketing and communication, staff salaries and the full report with all the results.

Over 20,000 members and 1,150 clubs responded this year.  The personal training infograph contains information from both member and club surveys.

The survey found a disconnection between members and clubs – with clubs not understanding that members want to focus on fitness (66%) as their overwhelming motivation for using a personal trainer.  Instead they believe members need extra motivation.  This is not their primary reason but their secondary reason (41%).

This is what members expect when they work out with a personal trainer

  • To focus on fitness
  • Get extra motivation
  • Focus on weight loss
  • Get guidance on diet and nutrition
  • Have a conversation during a work out

This is why members hire a personal trainer

  • They want to get better results
  • They need extra motivation
  • Advice on exercise
  • To create an exercise program
  • It’s included in their membership

Ryan Hogan, Chief Executive Officer, Australian Fitness Network states, “It encourages me read the results of the survey with regards to Personal Training.  …this country needs an army of qualified fitness professionals to help people who need advice and coaching on their health and fitness.”

The personal training infograph which includes this information and more is available for to download for FREE here.

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