2009 Australian Fitness Industry Survey Findings

Simon Hall, Ezypay Marketing Manager outlines the Australian Fitness Industry Survey findings in the latest edition of Australian Leisure Management.

Australian fitness industry survey findings see positive results

Majority of the findings show positive results for the fitness industry.

Australians are very happy with their gym memberships, with the just released 2009 Australian Fitness Industry Survey (AFIS) showing that 60% of members are either satisfied or very satisfied with their gym. AFIS tells a good news story for the Australian fitness industry with the survey data showing that membership numbers are up, new members continue to join and many existing members are staying.

Staff pay rates across all positions did not change from last year’s survey. The majority of personal trainers are employed (53%) by clubs rather than contracted (24%). Personal trainers received income in a variety of ways including hourly rates, percentage of revenue or paying a floor rent. Membership income again dominates a club’s total revenue (75%) with personal training the next highest contributor at 8%.

Although membership growth was less than last year, 58% of clubs still experienced growth in 2009. Membership numbers have declined about 2% compared with last year, with an average membership size of 835.

Read more about the findings from 2009 Australian Fitness Industry Survey here.


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