How to Predict Fitness Trends in Gyms, and Fitness Traning

Predict Fitness TrendsIs there a way to predict fitness trends in gyms and fitness training?

The best you can do is keeping an eye on the trends and make rational decisions based on how things are going now.  Hot trends can be as fleeting as the wind, they change quickly and some might turn out to be fads. It’s really hard to make predict fitness trends with any kind of certainty. But you have to try to anticipate what’s ahead as a business owner, if only to plan your investments. The more of the background you know about and how rapidly those changes can emerge, the easier it is to recover when they happen. Just understand that the risk of making predictions based on current trends is that they can turn out to be fads that disappear as suddenly as they have appeared.

Utilizing Data to Predict Fitness Trends

One of the best ways to gain insight and predict fitness trends is through collecting data.  Surveys like the fitness industry survey provide great insight into an ever changing industry.  As we know location is the largest reason members stay committed to their gyms, with the just released 2014 Fitness Industry Survey (FIS) showing that 53% of members will tend to not drive further that they can go in fifteen minutes travel time. One of the respondents commented that he has been going to his gym and using the facilities for 30 years because it is located across the road from his house.  Although this is not a trend in itself it is an area where you can easily use population data to ensure your gym is placed in the centre of a densely populated now and in the future. Settling in one place for ten or twenty seems like a very long time in the future. But if you plan to have a long-term business in the fitness industry, so crowd watching and analysing is a must.

The data from respondents in the FIS reveals that there are other specialized groupings that are would be keen to join your gym; if you have that certain factor that attracts them. There are people who want value-for –money memberships (44.89%), approachable, polite trainers and staffs, (36.92%), prefer more variety of group fitness classes (26.87) and influences from peers.  These distinct demographics can be targeted separately for effective sales and promotion. There has been a demand within the gym equipment industry to create gyms, especially for homes. Hypothetically, this could impact the business performance of gyms and fitness centres.  But let’s face it; most people have fitness equipment that has never been used at all. Therefore, people still need the motivation of trainers and gym membership to really be fulfilled with their progress in fitness. There are still lots of opportunities in the fitness industry. Whether you are a small gym owner or a fitness centre manager, using data to predict fitness trends will ensure you have got the latest details on current trends, to avoid following short-term crazes.

Find out more about gyms, ex-members and members from the 2014 Fitness Industry Survey. It is filled with analysis, insights and savvy commentaries from our industry panel of experts and of course the 11,130 members who took part. For more information about this year’s survey or to download a FREE report on Gym Members as well as other survey results you can visit this page.  You will then need to register your details, what report you would like, and the link to the report will appear on the screen.  We hope you find the data useful and insightful in helping you predict fitness trends in your gym, health club or fitness centre.


For more information on the fitness industry survey you can view our explainer video below.



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