The Rise of Franchise Clubs

Franchise clubs


Thank you to the member of the Linkedin IHRSA group for alerting me to this article by IHRSA on the rise of franchise clubs.  I found it very interesting and thought you may too.


Particularly when you read it in conjunction with the Fitness Industry Survey member infograph we recently published which told us that most members in the last 24 months have joined a franchise club.  Franchise clubs are on the rise and are giving independent club owners a real run for their money.  Members responding to the survey also told us location and value for money were more important to them than any other factor in choosing their club.  40% stated they didn’t care about interaction with staff at the club.  Service is clearly not important to these members or is something they are willing to trade for value and location.


How will independent clubs survive and can they compete in the face of the rising franchise clubs?


To read the full article on the IHRSA page about the rise of franchise clubs click here.


To download your free copy of the member infograph from the fitness industry survey click here.


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