Why is there a lack of long term gym commitment in Singapore? Find out what you can do to improve this.

Since 2008, Ezypay has been conducting the Fitness Industry Survey and this year, the survey scope included Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia. The Fitness Industry Survey covers a range of topics including personal trainers, long term commitment, club communication, reasons for a member to join and leave a club, and social media channels. This year’s Singapore Fitness Industry Survey 2015 has seen some interesting insights emerging, all of which relates to long term gym commitment.

long term gym commitment

How are Singapore gyms faring in terms of long term member commitment?

Surprisingly, the majority of Singaporean gym-goers do not commit long term to their gym/club. Over half the respondents have only been a member of their fitness club for 3 months or less (52.1%). 34.5% have been a member for 4 to 5 months, 7.3% for 7 to 9 months,. 4.2% have been a member for more than we months while 1.8% were members for 10 to 12 months.

So how can Singaporean gyms increase the long term gym commitment of their gym-goers?

The majority of members cited a club being open for 24 hours as a major impact of their long term gym commitment (62.5%). This was followed by location (50.0%), value for money (35.1%), machines in working order (31.5%) and overall cleanliness (28.0%). Members credited overall atmosphere as a factor to their long term gym commitment (26.8%), followed by personal motivation (24.4%), no change in membership fees (23.2%) and the latest equipment and technology (20.8%).  It is great to see that 15.5% were impressed with the professional staff (polite, approachable, on-hand) and another 15.5% appreciated the smooth entry and exit. 12.5% were achieving goals, 9.5% appreciated the engaging staff (making conversation, not just greeting), while 5.4% credited “Other” reasons. Other members remained long term as a result of the variety of Group Fitness classes on offer, and 0.6% because of the classes starting on time.

long term gym commitment

This year, Singaporean gyms are performing relatively well in terms of satisfying their members, which in turn, will improve their long term gym commitment, with 35.2% of gym-goers being somewhat satisfied with the fitness club. 24.2% were very satisfied while 23.6% were OK with their club experience. It is disappointing to note that 9.7% were somewhat unsatisfied with 7.3% of members being very unsatisfied.

While it is great to keep gaining new members, it is also equally as important to keep your current members happy. According to the Singapore Fitness Industry Survey 2015, there is room for improvement to increase their member’s long term gym commitment however they are on the right track.

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