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Ezypay recently conducted the Australian and New Zealand Fitness Industry Survey for 2013.  We asked a number of questions to both members and clubs.  One of the focuses on around marketing and communications between members and clubs, and with over 20,000 members and over 1,000 clubs responding there is some really great information here.  Excuse the pun but you would be a real twit not to check it out.  You can download your free copy of the marketing and communications infograph for free here. You will also find other free infographs on clubs, members and personal training.


Back to my point – the survey highlighted there are some great social media opportunities for clubs.  Learn more about social media fitness here.

Firstly if you are one of the very small numbers of clubs not on Facebook you really need to start using it.  There is a hell of a lot of your members using Facebook.  In fact 12 million monthly Australian users and Facebook recently announced 9 million Australians use Facebook on a daily basis.


What could you be doing there?

  1. Advertising your club with very specific location based advertising
  2. Selling memberships to your club
  3. Positioning yourself as an expert in your field.
  4. Having a conversation with your members

This list could go on for days.  Give people a reason to interact with you on Facebook.  Don’t just ask them to ‘like’ your page.


It looks like not many clubs or fitness centers are using YouTube as a communication channel.  HERE IS A GREAT OPPORTUNITY.  (Sorry about the caps but it got your attention!) In September 2013 YouTube had 11,750,000 UAV (unique Australian visitors).  That is nearly as much as Facebook.  Do you have your own YouTube channel?  Why not? There is so much you could video and put up there to share.


Here are some ideas:

  1. The correct position for certain exercises.
  2. An interview with a member who has lost weight
  3. An interview with a personal trainer about nutrition
  4. A video of one of your group fitness classes

Again this list could keep on going but I am sure you get the picture.


LinkedIn is a growing social media site that your club should be using.  Typically used for job searching I think it’s becoming like an online resume centre where you can promote yourself and your skills.  There is some discussion about whether it is better for business to business services or business to consumers services like fitness centers.  If you aren’t on LinkedIn you are certainly missing an opportunity however before you jump on into this social media channel just yet you probably should focus on your own website, twitter and Instagram.


The Fitness Industry Survey is telling us that you have your own website.  However what is the purpose of your website?  Are you using it as on online brochure?  It’s ok if you are but where are you interacting and engaging with your members and prospects?  Are you using Facebook for this?  Your website could be so much more than just a brochure.


Here are a few ideas:

  1. You could sell memberships here (check out this website that uses Ezypay direct debit gateway)
  2. Members could book courses
  3. Members could book into group exercise
  4. Members could share information about classes
  5. You could post your group exercise timetable
  6. You could post member specials for the month
  7. You could give away information about what you do really well in the form of a blog.
  8. You could capture leads here for your sales team.

Ok well I have gone overboard with ideas here but this is something I am really passionate about.


I have to confess I am not a Twitter expert but if you are or it interests you great.  If you want to find out more about it ask someone who uses it a lot or do a search in Google.


Instagram is a very, very interesting social media opportunity for fitness centres.  Basically it’s about sharing photos with cool filters on them.  It’s a very consumer orientated social media and there are loads of opportunities for you to connect with your member and or promote your business.


Here are some ideas for Instagram:

  1. Post photos of people from your club
  2. Post inspiring fitness photos
  3. Post photos about nutrition

So now you can see there are loads of social media opportunities for clubs and gyms.  Your challenge is deciding where to spend your time and money.  I would recommend using Facebook and YouTube.  Your members and prospects are there so you should be too.


Ezypay and our sponsors are very proud to offer you this fantastic infograph on marketing and communication with clubs for FREE.  We have taken all the information in the Fitness Industry Survey and compiled a FREE and downloadable infograph on marketing and communications in the fitness industry.  You can download your copy now here.  You will also find free infographs on clubs, members, and personal trainers.  Still to come is an infograph on staff salaries and the full survey report.


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