How to be a successful Personal Trainer

successful personal training

Recently Ezypay ran the Fitness Industry Survey for 2013.  One of the areas we asked about was personal trainers.  We found there are a number of factors displayed by the typically successful personal trainer.

Personal trainers’ business model is going low cost.  In 2011 the majority of personal trainers were employed by clubs and now in 2013 the majority are contracting in clubs. At the same time there is a trend to low cost fitness clubs.  Members are looking for clubs that are centrally located to home or work and are affordable.

So as a personal trainer how you do you make your services affordable and centrally located to clients?  Boot camp programs could well be one answer.

Boot camps are generally run close to the clients.  That is often in their suburb or very close to where they live or work.  Boot camps are also a group activity (not a one on one session) so sharing the cost with a number of clients makes the price very affordable for participants.

Other benefits of boot camps include you can target a specific segment of the market.  For example you might target Mums, Dads, older women, teenagers, brides to be.  You can also run boot camp programs if you are a gym or if you are a personal trainer.  You can run the boot camp inside or outside.  You can run it as part of a private or a corporate wellness program.

Personal trainers who work inside clubs are most likely to be paid a percentage of the income they generate.  This is great news if you know how to sell your services to clients but maybe not so great news if you are not so confident at selling yourself.

Luckily your best way of building your client base is through referral.  The Fitness Industry survey also showed that most clients will choose their personal trainers based on referral.  They will rarely look at their experience or qualifications.

Some clients will choose a personal trainer because they are good looking.  Maybe this means FIT?  Surprisingly clubs admit to hiring personal trainers based on their good looks as well.

All of this goes without saying you need to have industry qualifications.  Ideally you will have some experience as well because these are the two biggest factors clubs look at when hiring personal trainers.

In addition you have to have a good insight into why your clients want to hire a personal trainer.  Generally it’s because they want to get better results, need extra motivation, or get advice on exercise.  Or it could just be because their friend is using one.

So you’ve got a client – what will they want from you?  A focus on fitness without a doubt, they might also want you to help them with their motivation, focus on weight loss and receive guidance on diet and nutrition.  So may just want a conversation during a workout.  Maybe they are lonely or maybe it makes the time move faster.

To be a successful personal trainer you really need to be qualified without a doubt.  You also need to be a good business manager, a good sales person, a good marketer, a good coach and motivator. You will have to be knowledgeable about weight loss and nutritional guidance.  You also need to be fit and good looking.  Oh and be a good conversationalist.  This is one tough job description but all these elements are expected of you if you are going to be a successful personal trainer.

All of the information in this article was sourced from the Personal Training Infograph available for free download and developed from data from the Australian and New Zealand Fitness Industry Survey 2013.  Over 1,000 clubs responded and 20,000 members to the Fitness Industry Survey.  The Personal Training Infograph and other infographs on clubs, and members are available for free to download here.

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