Australian fitness industry survey 2009

The 2009 Australian Fitness Industry Survey will be launched mid January 2009. The survey will gather together information for owners and operators to bench mark their clubs with international research, the rest of the country and within their state. The 2009 AFIS will also include two additional surveys talking directly to over 100,000 active and lapsed club members to get the thoughts, feelings and perceptions our members have of our clubs and the fitness industry. This information will then be compared with the club survey to give us for the first time an accurate and insightful overview of how the industry is tracking.

2008 Australian Fitness Industry Survey Summary

The 2008 Inaugural Australian Fitness Industry Survey received 264 responses from clubs around Australia. Analysis of the findings has provided us with an unprecedented insight into the operation of fitness facilities across Australia. The results have enabled us to create a profile of a ‘typical’ health and fitness facility in Australia. Find out more in the Full 2008 AFIS.

Here’s what Justin Tamsett from Active Management said about the 2008 AFIS:

(Extract from pg 4 of the 2008 AFIS)

“What is the state of the fitness industry in Australia?”

The most common questions I am asked in my travels, speaking engagements, career advisement and consulting are about the state of the fitness industry. My answer has always been, “I don’t know but my gut feeling is …’

But not any longer!

I congratulate Ezypay led by George, Trent & Celeste on being pro-active and taking a leadership role within the Australian fitness industry to gather information that can be used to help grow the industry as a whole and also allow independent club owners to benchmark their performance.

Justin Tamsett, Managing Director, Active Management

The full Australian Fitness Industry Survey can be purchased for an end of year special price of $195.00 (Saving $100.00). For your electronic copy please contact us. For more information about what is in the 2008 AFIS, please click on the links below.

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