Free Printable Goal Cards

Here is a selection of free printable goal cards for gym and fitness members.  You can download them now, send them to your printer and hey presto they are ready to hand out to your members.  We created these cards because we know that it’s important to have little motivational reminders to come to the gym, exercise and take time for yourself.  

 Are you a busy Mum?

Yes we understand that you need to take time to exercise and look after your health but you feel a little guilty about it.  Don’t feel guilty just get out there and do it!  You are important too and need to look after yourself so you can look after your family.  That is why we created a printable goal card just for you.

Are you a student?

Just starting out in your life and looking for new adventures?  Yes we know what it’s like to be young, fit and free.  To make the most of your awesome life you need to be healthy and fit.  That way you can push yourself to achieve your goals whether they be around education, travel or career.  That is why we created these free printable goal cards just for you for your fitness activity.  

Are you a fitness guy?

Do you live to work out?  You go the gym and you know you have to work hard because nothing great is achieved unless you push yourself.  Yeah we understand.  That is why we created this free printable goal card for you to put in your wallet, track your work outs and remind you to go to the gym!

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Thanks for your support.  We hope you like what the Ezypay team has created for you.



Fitness Printable Goal Cards

free printable goal cards for fitness members