Business Summit 2014: Program Just Announced

business summit 2014

Ezypay is thrilled to once again be a major sponsor for the Business Summit 2014.  


This year the the Business Summit 2014, like the rest of FILEX the Fitness Industry Convention will be held at The Medallion Club, Etihad Stadium, Docklands.  The Business Summit 2014 will be on 3rd April 2014 and the convention will start on Friday 4th April and wrap up on Sunday 6th April 2014.


The Business Summit 2014 program will focus on Embracing Change.  Nigel Champion, Director of Network explains that “As technology and lifestyle developments change societal behaviour, our industry is experiencing a change in what people want and expect from their fitness experience.”

You can say that again Nigel!  This is an awesome topic and something I am really looking forward to hearing more about from the day’s presenters.  Here is an overview of the day’s program.


Michael Port talks on book yourself solid for clubs and studios

You know only too well how difficult it can be to get your personal trainers to fill their schedules with clients and your group exercise instructors to promote their classes. In this session Michael teaches you how to get every member of your team booking more business. From the six core self-promotion strategies and effective sales conversations, to sales cycle development and more, you’ll take home the tools needed to be a master ‘sales’ trainer.


Nils Vesk talks on Innovation for commercial gain

Rethinking how you run your business operations is a crucial step in maintaining your commercial success. Innovation not only allows you to rethink your day-to-day operations, it also provides practical solutions to your service challenges and offers fresh improvements that can increase the impact and effectiveness of your business. Innovation has become an essential skill in hundreds of industries worldwide, and the business of fitness is no different.


Reece Zondag talks on Key Metrics for fitness business success

These are disruptive times. The market has changed but the key metrics that drive us have remained largely intact. Measuring the effectiveness of member touchpoints, as well as the commercial drivers can be hard work. As a leader in a new era of club business you cannot afford to let tradition hold you back. Reece reveals what some of the industry’s best businesses are measuring to drive success.


Justin McDonell, Roxana Olivares and Justin Tamsett talk about Harnessing innovation and technology in fitness

FILEX Forums feature three industry leaders presenting their unique ideas in 20 short minutes each. Join Justin, Roxana and JT to discover their perspectives on three key areas of technological innovation in fitness – virtual group exercise, online sign-ups and bio-tracking software – and identify the impact they can have on your bottom line. Concise, revealing and thought-provoking, your mind will be opened to a world of business possibilities.


David Patchell-Evans talks about Create an exceptional culture for your team

David, more commonly known as ‘Patch’, is the largest private owner of fitness clubs in the world – an achievement attributable largely to the culture he has created. Discover exactly what it takes to understand and define your personal culture, and how, from there, you’re well on your way to creating a club culture that engages your team and your members – and spells success for your business. Learn what your culture says about you, your purpose in work and life, and the big opportunities beyond your club doors.


For more information you can visit the business summit 2014 page here.


business summit 2014

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