Free Printable Workout Cards

Free Printable Workout Cards

Free Printable Workout Cards for your members from Ezypay


Would your members like Free Printable Workout Cards with Motivational Sayings?


A new member signs up for the first time.  You know they are so committed to their fitness goals – what ever those may be.  So why don’t you give them a motivational card to track their work outs and get them coming back through the door.


The marketing team here at Ezypay thought you might like to give these wallet sized cards to your members.  Yes you have to print them out but hey at least you don’t have to design them yourself.  We all know how much time and money working with a graphic designer takes.  Anyway we created 4 different types of cards specifically to connect with 4 different types of members who enjoy working out and getting fit in fitness centres.


The Busy Mum – Free Printable Workout Cards

Busy Mum Free Printable Workout Cards


These cards are specifically for Mums who don’t have a lot of time but want to work out to get themselves fit.  They might feel a little guilty for taking the time to work out but they know that it’s not just good for them it’s also good for their family.  Mums aren’t very good at putting themselves first.


The Young and Wild – Free Printable Workout Cards

Young and Fit Free Printable Workout Cards


These cards are for the younger members. They might not have a lot of money because they are students but they have time and big dreams.  They love travel and want to lead a healthy fit life.  These young and wild members know fitness is about the body and the mind.


Career Woman – Free Printable Workout Cards

Lift Like a boss Free Printable Workout Cards


These cards are for the career woman who is in her 20s or 30s.  She has worked hard to get her education and start out in her chosen profession.  She knows she needs to work hard at work and really shine.  She spends a lot of time at work but knows that to be mentally at the top of her game she needs to be physically fit too.  She might even be trying to get more balance into her life because she works a lot.


Ladies Who Sparkle – Free Printable Workout Cards

Ladies who sparkle Free Printable Workout Cards


These cards are for those ladies that have the time to come into the gym.  They might have their kids in school or might have the opportunity not to work.  They love to look after themselves, and going to the gym or exercising is an important part of their health and fitness routine.  They know it will help them look good and feel good.


Fit Men – Free Printable Workout Cards

Great things Free Printable Workout Cards


These cards are for the men in your gym.  We know they are looking to challenge themselves and their comfort zones.  They might come to maintain their fitness or they might want to go to the gym to get into shape.  What ever the motivation they have a plan for their fitness and they will work hard to challenge themselves to meet their goals.


We really hope you like these free printable workout cards.  You can download the workout cards for free.  You will find them on the right hand side of our news page (that’s the right hand side of this page).  You will need to fill in your contact details and a print ready file will be available for download.  Send the print ready file to a printer.  Ask them to print them off like business cards and hey presto off you go!


We really hope you like them.  Please let us know what you and your members think of the cards.


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