Health Club Management Magazine

health club management magazine


Does anyone read the Health Club Management Magazine?  It’s an electronic magazine all about the health club industry in the UK.  And you know what?  Best of all it’s online and free.  So here is an electronic link


I would recommend having a look at it if you don’t already and you are working in the health and fitness industry.

You can go to their website and read daily news and jobs for the health and fitness industry.

It is one of Leisure media digital publications. The Leisure Media Company was established in 1981 and publishes a wide range of business magazines and online services for professionals working in the leisure industries. The company works in partnership with over 20 different trade bodies and holds over 100,000 key industry contacts. In 2006, Leisure Media launched the Health Club Management Handbook – a reference for the health and fitness industry.

Health Club Management have about 25,576 individual visits and it has an increasing growing readership. It’s a monthly free digital magazine that features a lot of useful information and insights.


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