The Missing Pieces – FitnessBiz 2009

Who would have thought in a year where many industries were affected by the global financial crisis, that FitnessBiz would have record numbers attend!

In August, over 170 people attended the 3rd annual FitnessBiz conference across every capital city.

We shared powerful tips on e-marketing your business, establishing a social media network for your business and finding all the hidden opportunities for referrals in your business. Many owners were amazed at the results we shared on mystery calls clubs in Australia and we are positive that the attendees now have a much better ‘system’ for handling incoming calls.

We also shared some powerful promotions to get the borderline bunch into clubs. This included:

  • Volunteer study programs
  • Casual gym memberships
  • Establishing results based programs to get people started as opposed to selling memberships
  • Use a health expo rather than an open day to promote the business
  • Be different in the marketing you do, to stand out

FitnessBiz is only possible thanks to the very kind support from the sponsors such as Ezypay and for that we are truly grateful. And in 2010, FitnessBiz gets even better with us visiting Canberra and adding another education session. We have also changed the dates to November, to ensure you start the next year on the right foot. But pre-register now for 2010 FitnessBiz and you will save on your registration and also receive monthly tips to improve your business!

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