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As a member-centric software solution, Membr provides fitness clubs with all the tools needed to run and successfully...


OneFitStop is excited to partner with Ezypay to support iConnect360 customers in your transition to a new software ho...


Influx is the easy to use fitness business software that saves time and frustration in your fitness business. Powerfu...


goXpro streamlines Personal Training with software solutions making life easier for Personal Trainers, Clubs & St...


GymMaster is an advanced membership management system simplifying business for thousands of fitness clubs around the ...


Offered in 4 versions, EZemember is designed for gyms multi-centres & PT studios to manage member and client info...

Perfect Gym

PerfectGym is a modern, robust cloud based club and facility management software. Serving 40 countries globally, loc...


Zenbly is proud to partner with Ezypay to ensure a seamless transition from iConnect360. The Zenbly team have spent o...

Your questions answered

Do you have a question about the iConnect360 retirement or your migration to an alternate gym management software provider?
We’re here to help. Browse through the most common FAQs below or contact us
directly to ask any questions we haven’t covered.


Why is iConnect360 no longer being supported?  


Since launching iConnect360, there have been a number of new Gym Management Software providers that have launched in the market.

Ezypay, the company that owns iConnect360 and is the billing provider that drives iConnect360’s payment processing, will be focusing on further developing its leading technology to partner with these providers and ensure iConnect360 customers can access the best of both worlds – great Gym Management Software and world class subscription payments.  

Will the Ezypay billing account connected to an iConnect360 business customer be closed?


When you migrate to an iConnect360 partner, your Ezypay account will not be closed. Your agreement with Ezypay to perform our payment service and collect your membership payments from your members will remain intact and unaffected.

Do the new Gym Management Software partners provide the same functionality as iConnect360?  


Each provider is different and will have varied features and services that you should consider.

The filter tool in the partner directory will help you to get a better understanding of these features and, from there, you can discuss any specific features you require directly with our partners to determine the best fit for your business.

How long will it take to migrate data from iConnect360 to the new partner?


The process to migrate your data will depend on your specific configuration of iConnect360 and the number of members you are managing. Given we have worked with our partners on pre-built migration tools and processes, the main effort typically occurs on a single day, minimising the impact to your business.

Will the partner's software pricing be different from iConnect360?


Each partner will have different payment structures, license fees, and inclusions. You will need to engage with the respective partner to discuss pricing and license conditions.

What data and information will be migrated during this process?


All customer data that is in iConnect360 will be migrated to the new software provider. This includes but is not limited to;

- Active and Suspended/Future customers
- Cancelled and Expired customers
Paid in full customers and customers with free plans
Prospect data
Documents (e.g. Direct Debit Agreements)
Invoice variations

What happens if a business has paid fees in advance for iConnect360?


iConnect360 fees are typically paid a month in advance. Ezypay will cancel any remaining license fees a month after migration has successfully been completed. After this time, you will be able to use your new software and access to the iConnect360 platform will be disconnected.

Will there be any impact on billing or distribution on the day of migration?


The migration date will be scheduled so that there is no impact to your billing or distribution.

What should an iConnect360 customer do when they are ready to migrate their data to a partner?


Your chosen Gym Management Software provider will notify Ezypay when you complete an application with them. Once Ezypay has been notified, we will contact you to arrange and schedule a migration date to move you off iConnect360.

What happens after the cut-off date on June 30th, 2020?


Ezypay will be in regular contact with iConnect360 customers prior to the retirement date. Given the 12 months’ notice we have provided, in addition to the broad range of partner providers (with pre-built migration capabilities) we believe that all customers should be able to migrate prior to this date.

Do iConnect360 customers have to notify their members of the change?


If you are choosing a partnered iConnect360 provider, then you do not have to notify your members that you are changing software providers.

Their agreement and your agreement with Ezypay to perform our payment service will remain intact and unaffected when you migrate to one of the iConnect360 partners. You will only need to notify your customers if you change to an alternate provider that is not a partner of Ezypay.

What happens to the data and billing of an iConnect360 customer if they choose an alternate provider to those offered?


By selecting an iConnect360 partner, Ezypay is releasing you of your termination obligations under the iconnect360 agreement. If you select an alternate provider to those partnered with Ezypay, you will still be bound by the terms and conditions of your contract (with both iConnect360 and Ezypay). This will mean you need to provide appropriate notice in accordance with your contract terms.

In addition, Ezypay will not be able to support a seamless migration of data to other providers that are not a partner with us. This will also introduce complexities around a change in billing provider and the need to contact your members directly.

If you are considering an alternative provider who is not on our partner list, please get in touch with us early so we can discuss your specific needs and the impact to your business.


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