Own a fitness club? Can you relate?

own a fitness club with iconnect360 cloud solution

Turn it on, turn it off.  No! Hmm, maybe it’s your hard drive or a disk space problem – it’s definitely not our software.  Finally you got through to someone and now you can’t even understand them because they are speaking another language.

If you own a fitness club, these problems might sound familiar to you. Well things are different with iconnect360.

As a cloud solutions provider we don’t just sell you software we provide software as a service (now we’re speaking another language).  We host your system securely over the internet and provide you with the server, the geeks to support the system along with our incredibly easy to use membership system, all for one small monthly fee.

There are no servers to buy, no expensive licencing, extra support costs or training fees, all you need is a computer and the internet.  We provide all the system monitoring, maintenance, back-ups, security and support so you can get on with business knowing that you have a team of people making sure you can manage your members safely and securely anywhere, anytime.  Now that’s service!  It’s like having your own IT provider without the need for annoying conversations and the expensive invoices.

Ezypay is the Australian and New Zealand distributors of iconnect360.

To find out more or for a demo of iconnect360, call us on 1300 762 726 or email hello@iconnect360.com.