5 reasons for an integrated membership management system

integrated membership management system

Club managers love their members but they get really frustrated when the members don’t complete all their details, miss a payment. And club managers have to manually manage payments or have to point out the terms of a contract when a member wants to leave. There are also problems associated with no evidence of a member receiving a contract, and a member never getting the club newsletter about a function or new class.  Phew… just a couple of things but these tend to make or break a business.

Here are 5 ways a truly integrated fitness membership system can help overcome these issues.

    1. Paperless signup with mandatory and pre-populated fields ensure you have the correct contact details, which are spelled correctly for excellent member communication and follow-up.
    2. Integrated membership agreement with the clubs terms and conditions to ensure each membership has a signature under the terms of the club.
    3. Immediate communication with the members sending a welcome letter with membership and payment agreement to their email.  This also means ongoing club newsletter and promotional material goes via the right channel.
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  1. Payment details are verified as they are entered into the system and linked directly with the billing system and membership system.  No double entry or forms required.  Payments can be activated immediately.
  2. Payments, payment history, and payment follow-ups are all managed by one system at one time as soon as a payment is requested and received.

The integration of all your membership activities is an innovation the membership industry has never seen and will change the way your run your business.

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