iconnect360 is great for managing memberships

ezypay software iconnect360

Ezypay software iconnect360 is great for managing memberships.


The membership management software iconnect360 is of course 100% integrated with Ezypay’s direct debits.  When we say integrated with Ezypay direct debits we don’t mean you have to sync the data a few times a day.  What we mean is it’s so seamless you don’t even know it’s there.

What are the benefits of Ezypay software iconnect360 for membership businesses?

  1. All member information in the one system.

  2. Access member information any where and any time.

  3. You have a point of sale (POS) tool within the software.

  4. You can manage bookings with members through the software.

  5. Customers can self-subscribe to memberships.

  6. Customers can self-book into sessions.

  7. Loads of reporting available.

  8. If you have a physical site the software also has a check-in tool.

  9. Hardware like scanners, tills, membership cards, and even access controllers are available.


Many health and fitness gyms are using Ezypay software iconnect360.  To find out more about the software features including the ones above you can visit the features page.  You can also read about a few of our client experiences of Ezypay software here.


For more information about the Ezypay membership software please contact us at hello@iconnect360.com or call our team in Australia on 1300 762 726.


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