Introducing iconnect360: Fitness Business Management Software

One of the best things about Ezypay is that we listen to what our clients saying and what they want. Due to popular demand, our Ezypay team created and now offers iconnect360, a membership management software for fitness centres, clubs and gyms.

There is no other system for fitness business management like iconnect360

fitness business management

Ezypay is seamlessly integrated with iconnect360 to specifically help all gym/club/fitness centre owners and managers out there in running their fitness business. If you are in the fitness industry looking for a software to make your life easier, then this could be exactly what you are after. In fact, we are so good at what we do that iconnect360 won the Award for the Best Cloud Product 2014 by the Australian Business Awards.

Membership Management

Fitness business management begins with managing your customers. Similarly to Ezypay, iconnect360 enables you to easily manage your customers. You can create, edit and manage everything you need to know about them with just a few clicks of a button. You will be able to view their:

  • Personal details
  • Membership plans
  • Debit details
  • Booking details
  • Inventory histories
  • Check-in histories
  • Club activities

We also track all interactions with customers such as check-in activities, email marketing communications, personal training sessions, membership payments and inventory purchases. This fitness business management feature puts your customers at the centre of the fitness club or gym, meaning that you will provide excellent customer service to all your members and customers and hence increase customer retention levels.

Online Membership Sign Up

You can’t have a gym or club without members which is why our fitness business management system focuses on increasing sales for your business. We have a great online sign up form that has proven to increase sales by 10-25%!

Our online sign up form is your new 24/7 sales person. Prospective members can now join your gym whenever they want; they don’t have to wait for trading or staffed hours. This form is accessible via a website, iPhone or iPad, and is easy to use. Once the form appears on our fitness business management system is fill out their details and confirm their new membership. To make this even more convenient, they have the option of connecting this form to their Facebook account which will then auto-populate the required information. Once they have confirmed their membership plan, your new member can then share their sign up with their Facebook friends (and this means free publicity for you!).

Inventory Management

Most gyms have a small store where they sell accessories or gadgets to a fitness work out. This can include healthy snacks and beverages, protein powder/bars, towels, water bottles and gym bags. However, while this may provide additional income, it also means extra work for you to organise and manage. With our fitness business management software, we have the beneficial feature of inventory management where we complete all the hard work for you.

Iconnect360 links to the point of sales system within iconnect360. Every time you sell or refund an item, your inventory stock levels with increase or decrease as appropriate. This eliminates the need for stock count at the end of every shift which can be tedious and cut into time spent on sales or interacting with your customers. We also offer flexibility in item pricing and can search for items between fitness club sites.

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Email Campaigns

Communication with your members is key, especially when it comes to improving your crm (customer relationship management). With iconnect360’s fitness business management software, we have email campaigns that enable you to easily communicate with your members. We have placed emphasis on email because according to the Ezypay’s Fitness Industry Survey in 2013, emails are the preferred communication method.

Our email campaigns are very easy to use, with the ability of sending once-off emails or on-going email campaigns.

Email campaigns can be used in a variety of ways. Here are some ideas on how you can use this fitness business management for:

  • Newsletters
  • To send urgent messages regarding your gym/club
  • Birthday greetings
  • Advertising promotions for members to share with their friends

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As you can see, our fitness business management software, created by Ezypay, is a great way to help run a fitness centre. With Ezypay seamlessly integrated, and a range of beneficial, excellent features, there is nothing that iconnect360 can’t do.

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