Yes, you can have a truly paperless system.

Firstly don’t have any paper …

This is now a lot easier to accomplish with online tools and software which can store your contracts and legal documents. With the rapid growth of the iPad and tablet computer market documents stored on the software are now portable and can be read in a normal manner rather than on a PC screen. These mobile tools are also at a price point that is cheaper than printing the normal duplicate and triplicate carbon pads. An additional benefit is that most software will send an automated email to your customer with their copy of any documents and contracts.

Secondly and more importantly how do we get the customer to sign the contract?

Is the digital signature accepted and safe? Well with advances in technology it is, all you need is a secure connection and encryption as part of the software you are using. The software will then encrypt the signature when it is used on a signature pad so that nobody else can pick the signature up and use it: The encryption scrambles the data from the signature pad and a key is used to “unencrypt” it when needed. A time and date stamp is also attached to the signature to verify that the signature was done at the right time. This is done in the same way as normal data encryption that banks use all the time.

In advanced signature pads GPS location or other information could be captured even a “biometric capture”. This actually means that the signature pad captures the pressure of the pen as the user signs. This is then stored with the signature to show that it was done by a human signing the document in one go.

For more information on how digital signature pad have advanced, check out this article; $100 million contract being signed on iPads.

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