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Experience Obsessed, Data-Driven and Customer Led

Zenbly is a facility management and member experience software company focused on end-to-end user experience and intelligent automation for owners, staff, members and partners.

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About Zenbly

Zenbly is proud to partner with Ezypay to ensure a seamless transition from iConnect360. The Zenbly team have spent over a decade studying and owning facilities and working with global technology leaders. We have used our compiled experience to design a platform that solves the mundane but impactful daily frustrations of owners, staff, members and our partners. Our unique platform will allow you to manage each component of your businesses from sales, customer retention, staff performance, payroll and scheduling. We are excited to bring you a cloud based native experience that leverages a range of advanced technologies to learn, manage and predict your business so you can focus on the thing that matters…people. View website.


Software features

Zenbly gym software specifications



Access control

Attendance management

Classes and bookings management Installation Member portal/ Application 

  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • Philippines 
  • Hong Kong

  • 24 hour Falco system
  • Proximity readers
  • 24 hour Inner Range Concept 4000 system

*Coming soon this year.


  • Auto check-in to class if booked
  • In-app check-in

  • Max. limit setting
  • Supports online bookings
  • Wait list management

  • Cloud 

  • Booking functionality
  • Customisable skins
  • iOS and Android






Inventory management Point of sale Campaign/Marketing module Sign-up options Support options

  • Auto schedule reporting
  • Customisable reporting
  • Attendance reporting
  • Sales & KPI reporting
  • Marketing analytics
  • Accounting software integrations


  • Auto deduct from total count upon sale
  • Customisable grouping
  • EFTPOS integration
  • Supports barcode scanning

  • Allows cardless transactions through the member app.

  • SMS integration
  • Social media integration
  • Email, campaign and marketing budget builder
  • Push notifications in native app
  • Automated functionality


  • Website sign-up
  • Club sign-up via tablet

  • Phone
  • Online
  • Knowledge Centre
  • Videos




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