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Five reasons why Ezypay is the best integrated recurring payments solution for your business

Ezypay seamless integration

One seamless payment integration

One seamless integration is all you need to access all Ezypay's features and capabilities to bill your customers across the APAC region. Access our powerful toolkit of robust and clean APIs and an experienced team to create a solution that will perfectly support your business when you connect Ezypay to your existing software. 

Ezypay Consultative Implementation

Consultative implementation

Get the consultation you need to successfully plan and implement software integration with Ezypay. From discovery, through to testing and launch, Ezypay is with you every step of the way to guide you through the integration process. Access a dedicated Project Manager to ensure that the project runs smoothly and on schedule. 

Ezypay subscription payments expertise

Subscription payments expertise

Deal with someone you can trust with real industry experience. Ezypay has over 24 years of experience helping businesses to automate their recurring and subscription billing. Our technology is constantly evolving with payment trends, industry regulations and advanced feature development to achieve the best billing solution for our business partners.

Ezypay integration flexible distribution funds

Flexible distribution of funds

Ezypay offers advanced pre-settlement  deductions to assist a range of fund distribution requirements, such as supplier and franchise fee payments. Automate splits with flat rate, percentage based, or customer based calculations. Ezypay offers integrators and partners the flexibility to process important business payments on time, every time. 

Ezypay revenue sharing

Revenue sharing opportunities

We share our successes with you. Gain extra revenue from every transaction when you partner with Ezypay. Partner with us to offer exclusive rates to your customers, create a new revenue stream, and increase your profit margin. Ezypay supports a variety of partnership models from a simple referral model to more complex multi-merchant splits.  

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A suite of APIs to power subscription billing for businesses of all sizes

Continue to the latest version of our APIs and find out more.


Ezypay is an AWS Partner Network (APN) Standard Technology Partner.

Previous API Documentation
Recurring Billing API

Ezypay Recurring Billing API

The Ezypay Recurring Billing API is available and useful for passing data back and forth between our recurring billing system and yours. It is an easy way to securely transfer data. 

Download API Guide

Billing Batch On-Demand API

Billing Batch On-Demand API

This is the vendor integration manual for our billing batch on-demand (BOD) API. You will use this API to send files through to us in a batch mode.

Download BOD Guide

Webhooks Usage

Webhooks Usage

This is a guide to setting up a webhook to notify you of specific events in our system. Webhooks are available for when a customer is successfully added or when a payment for a customer or client has failed.

Download Webhook Guide

What our partners are saying
"Our experience to date has been incredibly positive. Ezypay’s new APIs are robust, easy to follow and integrate with. Their technical support was quick and informative throughout this process ensuring no delays in the delivery schedule. We are privileged to work with Ezypay and their new API and infrastructure."
Jarron Aizen
Founder of Hapana
“Always found the Account management team at Ezypay to be very supportive and eager to help.”
Chris Forbes
Account Director of Membr
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“I'm excited to have a new integration up and running with ClientConnect. Your API has certainly come a very long way! The new platform is well designed, and the developer support we received from the team was speedy and helpful.”
Mike Ryan
Managing Director of Client Connect


Got questions about pricing?


We offer custom pricing and fee structures for partners in order to cater for different business models and types of integrations.
Additional benefits such as revenue sharing on fees and third party pre-settlement deductions and payments
(such as supplier fees, license and franchise fees) adds to the value of the Ezypay solution. 


Enquire today to find out more about our pricing and to see how Ezypay can help assist your business.


Enquire About Pricing

Your questions answered

Do you have a question about setting up an Ezypay partner? We’re here to help.
Browse through the most common FAQ below or contact us directly to ask your own question.

What type of partnerships does Ezypay offer?


Ezypay offers multiple partnership opportunities. Whether you want to integrate Ezypay’s billing capabilities into your existing software, share in our revenue by referring business to us, negotiate special rates for your customers, or a mix of all three, please reach out to us to discuss the partnership opportunity that is best for your business.

What transaction types does Ezypay support?  


The Ezypay platform accepts multiple payment methods including bank direct debit, Master/Visa Card and Amex. Please note that the availability of payment methods varies across the countries we operate in. 

What is the difference between revenue sharing and partner payments? 


Revenue sharing relates to the transactional revenue generated by the Ezypay platform and is a commercial arrangement between Ezypay and our partners.  


Partner payments refers to movement of funds between the merchant and nominated 3rd parties (prior to settlement of billed revenue to the merchant or partner). Common situations in which partner payments can be leveraged: 


1. Payment of suppliers

2. Payment of software licensing fees (from the merchant to integration partner)

3. Payment of Franchisee related fees to a Master Franchisor  


This feature and its many benefits is available to all our partners. 

How quickly is money distributed after it has been collected from customers? 


This will depend on your merchants chosen settlement cycle (i.e. weekly or monthly). In general, all third-party settlement and partner revenue share payments will be settled at the same time as the merchant settlement. 


Weekly settlements are collected from Saturday to Friday, then split and settled into the merchant and partner accounts on the following Wednesday. 


If your merchant prefers to have collected funds settled on a monthly basis, payments collected throughout the month will be settled into the relevant accounts after 3 business days in the following month.  

How long will it take to integrate using Ezypay’s APIs and what level of support is provided? 


There are multiple integration options available, each with their own timeline. The time required to integrate will be dependent on the APIs used, resources available, and the work required to integrate.  


Ezypay has a dedicated partner integration team that will work alongside your technical team to ensure a smooth integration process. Dedicated support teams are also allocated to service our variety of partners and their merchants once they are actively using the Ezypay platform. 

Does Ezypay charge a failed payment fee? (i.e. due to insufficient funds or when the credit card has been overcharged etc.) 


Yes. There is a failed payment fee that is charged for payments that fail. This charge applies to payments that have failed due to insufficient funds, invalid account details, cancelled cards and blocks that have been put on the account. 


Ezypay does not believe in charging excessive failed payment fees and actively works with our partners to set an appropriate rate. We strongly believe that the application of failed payment fees drives the correct customer behavior and improves collection rates and cashflow for our merchants. 

Does Ezypay allow partners to control customer pricing? 


Yes. Ezypay has a flexible approach that allows dynamic pricing to be applied to different scenarios.  

How does Ezypay notify partners and merchants of failed payments? Are webhooks available? 


There are two methods that can be used to check for failed payments. Most commonly, a webhook is used to update the transaction status against each customer. Alternatively, you can use a set of APIs to retrieve the invoice status from a transaction. 

Does Ezypay offer a Batch Invoicing API? 


Yes. Ezypay’s Batch API allows you to send multiple invoices in a batch with a single upload. 

Is customer information kept secure? 


Yes. Ezypay is PCI DSS compliant – the highest payment security accreditation. Ezypay’s processes ensure that all sensitive business and customer details, billing, payments and card processing have been handled at the highest level of data security. 

Does Ezypay work with partners on joint marketing opportunities? 


Most definitely. Ezypay engages with partners on joint marketing & sales campaigns and provides dedicated resources to ensure the success of the partnership. 

Where are Ezypay’s servers located and what platform are they hosted on? 


Ezypay’s secure servers are located in Sydney, Australia, and are hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Ezypay is an accredited AWS ISV partner. 

Does Ezypay process real time payments? 


Yes, real time payments are made through Master/Visa Card and Amex.  

What countries does Ezypay operate in?


Ezypay currently operates in 9 countries across the APAC region including: Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Hong Kong, China and Taiwan.


If you are interested in billing support outside of these countries, please reach out to us to discuss this further.

Questions about our partnerships or API integration?

Ask us about about our partnership and integration options.
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