System Downtime on 8 August 2014 (Friday)

System Downtime Announcement from Ezypay

system downtime

Ezypay will be back shortly!

We’re taking the Ezypay secure site down this Friday (7th August) for some minor patches and a special feature update for the Philippines site. For your convenience and comfort, system downtime will occur at the stroke of midnight and we expect to be back up and running within two hours (latest by 2 a.m.). This means that our nocturnal system maintenance team will be hard at work upgrading Ezypay so you can wake up to a beautiful and (hopefully) bug-free Friday morning.

To prevent loss of data or work interruption, we highly recommend that all users stay logged out of Ezypay during the system maintenance exercise. If you are logged in when we do begin the system downtime upgrade, you will be promptly logged out (very sorry about that!) and risk losing all unsaved data. Instead, we suggest indulging in some hot honeyed chamomile tea and soothing Kenny G music as spending quality time with a sleeping mask may be long overdue!

This week’s system maintenance is pretty standard, but if you are curious about the latest feature we will be adding to the system, a brief summary of the changes will be available for public viewing at the Help Centre on Friday morning.

Ezypay System Downtime Details

Date: 8 August 2014 (Friday)

Time: 12.00am – 2.00am AEST

Duration: 2 hours

Please note that the system downtime is only temporary. All information on Ezypay and iconnect360 will not be affected during this downtime and we apologize for any inconvenience caused. Kindly send any queries  to the Customer Service and Support team or connect with us on social media via Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Cheers and have a great weekend from,

The Ezypay Customer Service and Support Team

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