7 Key Consumer Trends for the Fitness Industry in 2013

The Australian and New Zealand Fitness Industry Survey is rolling out again in 2013.  This year we will be surveying members and club owners and manager in both Australia and New Zealand.  This year the survey will focus on personal training, bookings and communication channels.  If you would like to participate or to download previous surveys and reports for free please click here.

2013 is set to be one of the biggest years ever in the fitness industry.  Technology is moving very quickly and there are options for both members and clubs never seen before.  Below is a small excerpt from the larger article on the 2013 Fitness Industry Trend Report.  If you would like to read the full article you can go here  and download it for free.

Trend 1: Cashless

Consumers are becoming increasingly accepting of mobile and cashless payments.  A PayPass chip inserted into Australian MasterCards, allows consumers to swipe their card against a reader to pay for purchases.  Within the fitness industry you will see cashless payments increase in clubs.

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Trend 2: Mobile Sales Tools

More businesses are investing in mobile sales tools, allowing their salespeople to close sales on the go.  These tools might be iPhones or more likely iPads with larger screens.  Sales people access the membership software through the app.  They can look up member details or use the app to sign up a new member anywhere, anytime.  The iconnect360 membership management software offers a mobile sales app for iPhones and iPads.

Trend 3: Smart Phones Become Mobile Wallets

Mobile phones are becoming surrogate wallets and not just for payments.  If you are like me you also carry around membership cards, store cards, receipts and sometimes boarding passes.  These cards and bits of paper are being assimilated into smart phones”

To read the next 4 trends and the full 2013 Fitness Industry Trend Report and to download it for free here.