Are members at low cost gyms more honest than others at more expensive ones?

honest people at gym
So the title of this article alone should spark some controversy. I don’t apologise for that. Here is what prompted me to ask…

Last week I was working out in my gym. To put the gym into context – it’s a big gym 5000 plus members, $10 week but really good equipment and plenty of good staff around.

Anyway I took my wedding band off and placed it in my towel next to the Concept2 rower I was about to drop dead on in my warm up. 20 minutes and 4.95km’s later, after the paramedics would have resuscitated me, I picked the towel up and head to the weights area. Cut to the end of my 3rd set and I realised my wedding band is still in my towel and not on my finger…… Or is it? You guessed it IT’S NOT THERE!

Straight to the front desk!

I can already hear the divorce lawyer starting to type my wife’s maiden name into the template. But behold – there is the Club Manager, who sees the look on my face no doubt and extends his hand with my wedding band glistening at me, calling my name like something out of the Lord of the Rings. The Club Manager tells me it was handed in by a fellow member who has already hit the showers. (Fellow member – thank you if you are reading this!)

So I put “my precious” back on my finger and finish the weights session and endure the blisters that inevitably follow. This seems like heaven next to the alternative should I actually had lost it and start to think – wow, there are honest people still left in this world!

Being the Sales Manager of a direct debit company that bills members of gyms  and endless other industries all over Australia and New Zealand, it was then that the question hit me.   “I wonder what their collection rate is like?”

I mean, this is a gym which is quite open about their price and it’s quite cheap, especially for what you get.  Does that mean their members value it less OR does it create more loyalty and mean their collection rate is even more improved?

Although I do not have the answer, it would be great to hear from anyone with or without experience or opinion on this as it poses many interesting questions regarding this type of model which is quickly gaining traction in the Health & Fitness industry.

P.S still married – but don’t pass this onto my wife – or the status quo may change!

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