Harvesting the rewards of tapping into limited cash flows

Trent Brown, CEO of Ezypay, talks to BRW about the rise in demand for direct debit services as businesses with cash flows problems come to realise that their customers are also cash-starved.

This article is an excerpt from Business Review Weekly April 2009 edition

cash flows problems increases in demand for direct debit services

At a time when giant corporations dominate the economic landscape, direct debit service provider Ezypay shows there is profit to be made in their shadows. As giants go, they don’t get much bigger than the big four banks, and these banks do little to help small business owners collect small, regular payments from their customers.

Ezypay steps in where the banks leave off, setting up direct debits, processing payments and chasing up late-payers on behalf of business owners.

The solution Ezypay offers these businesses is the ability to switch their clients from big, one-off payments to small, regular payments.

Trent Brown, CEO of Ezypay says,

“Customers want to pay progressively because they can no longer afford to pay up front”
“We do find that our client businesses feel there may be some customer resistance to the introduction of direct debit”
“However, the best outcome for a healthy customer relationship is a compromise on both sides. As the market declines, many of our clients’ customers are open to accepting a regular, manageable amount being withdrawn from their account at an agreed time and date each month. Critically for the client, these funds are paid on time, every time”
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