Discussion on direct debits

Join Celeste Kirby-Brown, Ezypay’s Sales and Marketing Director, online to learn how other businesses are collecting reoccurring payments using direct debits. Check out some of the discussions.

Fixed term or no-fixed term contracts

The issue of no-fixed term contract for members was highlighted as one of the biggest industry trends in 2010 by 46.9 per cent of club owners and managers (AFIS). And members agreed, with 47.4 per cent of members with expired memberships indicating that they would be motivated to renew their membership if they were given the option of a no-fixed term contract (AFIS) .

So, owners and managers of fitness facilities have identified this trend and members (well, ex-members) are saying that they would like it too, so should clubs offer it? Perhaps the more appropriate question is, can clubs afford to offer it?

Charities using direct debit to collect donations has risen in the UK
A report conducted by Rapidata on 117 charities across the UK found that in 2009 “reveals that the total amount generated through direct debit donations rose significantly in 2009 to just over £26 million, up by 18% from £22 million in 2008.” (20 April 2010 by Howardlake).

How good are your sales people?

Are your sales people really that good? Do you have to shout ’show me the money’ to them every time they come back with a sale?

Is it a real sale if they have signed the deal but then they haven’t got the prospect to sign into an easy and affordable method of collecting their reoccurring payments?

We have a rule in our team that it’s not a sale until they start transacting because this is when our client generates our business revenue.  For others it’s not a sale until the sales person signs up the customer into a direct debit or other method of collecting ongoing payments.

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