Do you find it hard to find your bad debtors?

bad debtors

Do you find it hard to find your bad debtors?

Many Australian businesses lose money and productivity due to the inability to actually find their bad debtors.

Dun & Bradstreet stated in a recent report most businesses in Australia find their data decays at a rate of between 1 – 3% per year. That means that if you are relying on invoices and payment terms to collect money for your goods or services then as time goes by you are less and less likely to recover an outstanding payment.

At Ezypay our clients don’t have to worry about issues like their data going bad.

  1. They don’t have payment terms where they are waiting on their customers to pay bills – they charge their customers for the services as soon as they are performed.
  2. Ezypay clients enjoy a collection rate of 99%.
  3. They use Ezypay’s failed payment follow up system that sends notifications to customers whose payments fail, and then automatically rebills them after a fixed period.

If you’d like to find out how you could increase your cash flow and decrease your bad debts, contact Ezypay at