Justin Tamsett predicts, 2014 will be challenging for fitness businesses

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Want to know what Justin Tamsett, professional trainer and coach, is predicting for the fitness industry in 2014?

This is an excerpt from the Fitness Trends 2014 Report which you can download for free from here.


A Challenging Year for Marketing and Pricing for Fitness Businesses

Peering into my crystal ball and predicting the 2014 fitness trends is as difficult as clubs and studios will find getting leads in 2014.

The next 12 months will be a challenging year around marketing and pricing.  We will see a race to the bottom with prices for the majority of businesses.

In an effort to gain more members, fitness businesses will continue to discount their memberships lower and lower to entice people to join.

This is despite substantial research indicating price is NOT the primary reason why people stay or leave clubs.

Simple math – perhaps logic – would indicate that it is easier to get 10 members paying $25 per week rather than 25 members paying $10 per week.  Add then the variable to finding at least 30 prospects to price present or even 40 leads and business becomes a challenge.

In this downward pricing spiraling world we will see some clubs at the other end of the paradigm offer high yield product sand programs.  The bundling of personal training, group training, online training, nutrition and more will mean $150+ per month programs will exist in facilities.  It will also mean their clientele will expect to experience expert training, and not the vanilla Certificate IV trained personal trainer.

For the consumer who is focused on results, expert training and engaging experiences – they will seek out these providers from their peers.  Testimonials and word of mouth advertising will be essential for high yield businesses.  The prospects will be looking at these businesses’ marketing and need to see themselves in the images used or testimonial given and think, “That person is like me.  If they can do it, so can I.”


For your free copy of the fitness trend report 2014 you can download it here.

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