59.5 reasons why Ezypay Direct Debits are insanely awesome!

59.5 reasons why ezypay direct debits are insanely awesome

Just in case you missed it – here are 59.5 reasons why Ezypay direct debits are insanely awesome! Click on the image above to find out…

Ok here are a few…

  1. We like the colour orange.
  2. We have a very good looking team.
  3. We are in a serious business but aren’t serious.
  4. We make collecting money from your customers easy.
  5. We make small businesses look like big businesses.
  6. We have the highest collection rate in the market at 99.5%.
  7. We collect the most amount of money for you.
  8. We collect the debits so you don’t have to.
  9. Ezypay direct debits will increase your cash flow.
  10. Our direct debit system makes your product or service more affordable.

If those weren’t good enough 🙂

There is another 49.5 reasons why Ezypay direct debits are insanely awesome!

For more information about Ezypay direct debits, please contact our team at hello@ezypay.com or 1300 762 726.

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