Accept direct debits online today and improve your sales by 10% – 25%

Accept direct debits online


Are you currently accepting direct debits online in your business?  It’s so super easy anyone can do it.


Ezypay provides you with the tools to set up your customer payments online so you can accept direct debits online.


Through our secure site you manage your direct debits by creating payment plans specific to your business.  These payment plans then generate a unique url.  It is this url that is the magical tool that allows you to accept direct debits online.


You simply copy and paste the url onto your website and away you go.  When your customers click on the url they will be taken to an online form where they will be able to create their own direct debit for your product or service.  Their direct debit form goes directly into the system and they can bill right away.


It’s super easy to accept direct debits online but if you need any further convincing here are 5 reasons you need to consider it.


Why should you accept direct debits online?

1. You will make more sales – at 10% – 25% more.

2. You will have more time – you can do some fun things instead of working.

3. Your competitors are doing it – they are making sales while you are sleeping.

4. Your customers expect it – they will be going to your competitors if you don’t offer it.

5. It’s pretty easy with Ezypay – just ask us how.



Accept direct debits online today with Ezypay.  Just ask us how email or call 1300 762 726.

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