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accept payments online



Do you want to be at the beach or do you want to be at work?  I would choose beach most days.  With Ezypay’s online membership sales every day can be a beach day.  Why?  Ezypay makes it easy to make membership sales on your website with our direct debit gateway.  That means you can accept payments online via direct debit and you don’t even have to be there.


How does it work?

1. You need an Ezypay account.

2. You go into your Ezypay account and create a membership payment plan.

3. You copy the url link from that payment plan.

4. Past the url link onto your website with a banner over the top.

5. Your new member visits your website, clicks on the banner and hey presto they are taken to the membership payment plan you have created.  They sign up there and then.

6. New member – easy and convenient – and you are still at the beach!


Step out of the office and make everyday a beach day with Ezypay’s online membership sales tool the direct debit gateway.


To find out more talk to one of our consultants today.  Email or call 1300 762 726.


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