Achieve 10% – 25% more sales if you accept direct debit payments online

direct debit payments online


5 Reasons why should you accept direct debit payments online

  1. You will make more sales – at 10% – 25% more.

  2. You will have more time – you can do some fun things instead of working.

  3. Your competitors are doing it – they are making sales while you are sleeping.

  4. Your customers expect it – they will be going to your competitors if you don’t offer it.

  5. It’s pretty easy with Ezypay – just ask us how.


There is no reason for you to be missing out on 10% – 25% more sales.  If you don’t accept direct debits online then you will.  This is all part of your Ezypay direct debit account and not something that you need to pay extra for.


Accept direct debit payments online today with Ezypay.  Just ask us how email or call 1300 762 726.

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