How to create a direct debit payment plan

Ever wondered how other businesses get so many customers on direct debit?  I can tell you it’s really, really simple and all part of your Ezypay account.


Businesses create a direct debit payment plan and put it on their website so customers can sign up to the direct debit payment plan whilst on the website. That means no sales people and no costs.


Step 1.

Make sure you have an Ezypay account so you can accept direct debits.  You can call us on 1300 762 726 or email to set up an account. Once you have filled in the application form it generally takes up to 48 hours for it to be processed.


Step 2.

Go to your secure online account and create the plan. Here is an example of how you create a plan. We have chosen a $30 payment to be taken each month on a recurring basis.

direct debit payment plans



Step 3.

By creating a direct debit payment plan it creates a URL. This URL which is here, is unique to each payment plan. You can use this URL on an email or in this case on a website under an image like the “join today” one below.


Join today




By clicking on the join today button you will be taken to a form that looks like this.


accept direct debit payments online



Here is a direct debit payment plan we created earlier. You can customise the form to include your own terms and conditions and business logo. New customers can complete the form (choosing either their bank account or credit card for the direct debit) from the business website.


If you would like further information about how this works or to set this up on your Ezypay account, please contact us at or 1300 762 726.



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