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Are you considering using Ezypay direct debits but have a few questions?  Here are some common direct debit questions answers to help you with your decision.  Hope you find them helpful.


Q1. I’m interested in using Ezypay direct debits in my business.  How long does the application process take?

A1. Your application will take between 2 – 4 working days to be approved.


Q2. Are there any set up costs or monthly fees?

A2. There are no monthly fees however there is an establishment fee of $300 for some accounts.


Q3. Can I pass the fees onto my customers?

A3. Yes, which effectively makes our service cost neutral for you.


Q4. What is the difference between Ezypay and other providers?

A4. Ezypay was one of the first Direct Debit company established in Australia and have over 16 years’ worth of experience!  We have a fantastic customer service team that are here for you and your customers. Not only this but Ezypay has a 99% success rate when it comes to collecting payments.


Q5. How long until the funds hit my account?

A5. We collect the payments Monday through Friday and will distribute the funds in to your selected account the following Wednesday.


Q6. What is the failed payment process?

A6. If a customer defaults on a payment, we will contact them directly to advise them the payment has failed and give them two options to make this up.  They can go online to make a secure payment or call through to our customer service team to bring the payment up to date. You will be informed of any failed payments by your own daily activity report as well as the distribution report sent when we deposit your funds.


Q7. Do you provide a CRM solution?

A7. Yes! iconnect360 is our membership management software which is fully integrated into Ezypay’s direct debits.


Q8. How do I load customers?

A8. there are two ways to set up a payment instruction.  Firstly by your customers filling in the Direct Debit Request (DDR) form, when you have this signed form, you can go onto your online account and enter the details yourself stipulating the dates, amounts and frequencies of the payments and Ezypay will take care of the rest. Alternatively you can make use of our Direct Debit Gateway (DDG) which means your customers can sign up online! You would create a payment plan within your online account and either embed this into your website or send it as a html link within an email. This means your client can give authority online and this links directly to your Ezypay Online Account and we will start to debit the payments automatically so there is no data entry for you! This will help increase your sales and revenue!


Q9. Can I make variations to my customers payments?

A9. Yes, you can do this within your online account or call through to our Customer Service team who will be able to help with this.


Q10. Can my clients sign up online?

A10. Yes – by making use of our Direct Debit Gateway.


I hope these direct debit questions answers were useful to you.  If you still have questions please call our team on 1300 762 726 or email


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    Why am I being charged over $2 a week more than the agreed amount?

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      Hi Donna,
      I don’t know. If you contact our customer service team and give them your details they will be able to help you.


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