For more fun and less work…accept direct debits online

accept direct debits online


Accept Direct Debits Online with Ezypay payment system


At Ezypay we believe in fun.  So much so we have created a direct debit payment system specifically so you can have more fun and less work.  With Ezypay direct debits we give you the ability to accept direct debits online.


It’s pretty easy and once you have set it up you will wonder how you ever survived without it.


How do you set up direct debits online?

  1. Make sure you have an Ezypay direct debit account.

  2. Set up a payment plan in your account.

  3. Copy the url that is generated from that payment plan.

  4. Paste the url onto your website.

  5. Or Paste the url into an email and send it to your customers.

  6. Your customers fill in the direct debit form online.

  7. Done.  You now accept direct debits online.

  8. Get ready for more fun and less work.


We know you want more time in your day and an easy system to collect money from your customers.  The Ezypay direct debit system allows you to do exactly that.


It sounds very easy doesn’t it?  Well actually it is and if you have any trouble actually setting it up we provide loads of support material in our help centre.  It even shows you how to upload your business logo so you can customise the online form.  You can also change the colours in the form making the look and feel even better.


We find our clients make 10% – 25% more sales just by using the online form to sign up customers for direct debits online payments.


For more information about Ezypay or how to accept direct debits online please email or call 1300 762 726.


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