Make more online sales with Ezypay billing

By using only Ezypay billing you can make sales online.  We call this tool our direct debit gateway (DDG).

You could also choose to use our membership management software called iconnect360.  When you use iconnect360 membership management software for your club, members can join:

  1. With a staff member at a club computer
  2. By them self at the club
  3. By them self on the club website
  4. By them self on the club Facebook page
  5. By them self via an email link
  6. With a staff member outside or inside the club on the iconnect360 sales iPhone and iPad app

Whether you have billing only or billing and software both systems mean a sign-up tool that does not require a paper or a pen.


So you have a few options for collecting online sign-ups however there is no point offering these tools if you don’t spread the message that you have them.

Marketing – use all of your communication to members and prospects to say you have online member sign-ups.  You could do this in your emails, newsletters, postcards, newspaper advertising, brochures, billboards, posters, your Facebook page and on your website.

Drive traffic online – increase the amount of people going to your website with SEO, SEM, adwords, and Facebook advertising.

Easy to find on the website – once you have got a prospect to your website they will soon leave if they can’t find the sign-up button.  You could put the button on each page, in a prominent position and a very bright colour.

Promotions – use your offline promotions or in club promotions online too.  If you are running a seasonal or timely promotion then offer the same promotion online too.

For more information on iconnect360 membership management software visit our website or email

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