Mobile phone numbers connect you to customers like never before


A recent survey conducted by direct debit company Ezypay showed that the majority (86%) of respondents had changed their mobile phone number once or never. In fact 50% of respondents had never changed their mobile phone number, and the greatest number of times a mobile phone number had been changed was twice.

Compare this to how many times you have changed your address and you will see that mobile phone numbers are more likely than addresses to be accurate in your database.
Mobile phone numbers should be a mandatory field in your databases if they aren’t already.

“This survey shows that the best channel to communicate to your customers in is through their mobile phone number.” Says Celeste Kirby-Brown, Ezypay’s Sales, Marketing and Relationship Director.

“Combine this data with another recent survey we conducted showing the majority of respondents receive less than 6 SMS each day means you will get greater cut through and connect to more customers via SMS than any other channel.” states Kirby-Brown.

This extra cut through for SMS will ensure that the new pre-debit SMS reminder service we launched this week is sure to be a success. Customers will receive a SMS
reminder prior to payments being debited from their account to ensure they have funds in their account so the debit doesn’t fail.

Many customers just forget to have money in their account, so their payment fails and they have to pay failed payment fees.This will stop all that hassle.

We are hoping that our clients are happier with the higher collection rates and also that our customers are happier with the convenient reminder.

One thing we know for sure is that mobile phone numbers are connecting us to customers like never before.”

Ezypay is offering the service as a free trial for the month of October. After this time a small fee will be charged per reminder sent.

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