New Feature: Pay Outstanding Fees Online

Online Payment Portal Allows Your Customers to Pay Outstanding Fees Online.

Ezypay proudly presents one of our most fantastic releases of the year. Instantly boost your cash flow income by empowering your existing customers to pay outstanding fees online, whenever and wherever they are! Here are some of the features we’ve included in this indispensable payment form we’re 100% sure you’ll definitely want to integrate into your regular income collection process ASAP.

Pay Outstanding Fees Online

Payment link included in Payment Notification E-mails

Failed payment notification e-mails are now enhanced with “PAY TODAY” buttons so customers can pay outstanding fees online, regardless of failed payment reasons. Customise the e-mail notification to suit your branding and include detailed listing of all payments due in a paper-less environment.

Pay Outstanding Fees Online

Auto-generated URL link via Ezypay’s new payment portal,

Make and accept payment safely with Ezypay. Our new payment portal allows our clients to receive payment from around the world and a safe link is auto-generated for each client’s outstanding bill, so you’ll never have to worry about mismatched billings. No two URL links are the same, and each link can only be accessible via the failed payment notification requesting your customers to pay outstanding fees online.

Pay Outstanding Fees Online

Itemised billing for convenient calculation

Ezypay provides a detailed breakdown of all outstanding expenses, including Failed Payment Fee, Missed Payment and Administration Fee charges for failed payment attempts. Your customers can conveniently scan through the detailed breakdown of the bill for a clearer understanding of the outstanding fees with this easily accessible report available through a click of a button.


Pay Outstanding Fees Online


All Major credit cards accepted at Ezypay

Accept payments the Ezy way and get paid quickly. This allows anyone to pay outstanding fees online regardless of whether you have their existing banking details or not. Your customers can also update or replace their existing Ezypay banking details with the latest credit card details provided to prevent future failed payments from occurring.

Pay Outstanding Fees Online

Payment notification window for peace of mind

Thank your customers for paying all outstanding fees. Every form includes Ezypay contact details and information, so your customers will always know that their safety and privacy is in good hands and financial information is never shared with third parties.


Want more information on how your customers can pay outstanding fees online?

Visit the Ezypay Online Help Centre for the latest release notes for technical information on how you customise and setup your online payment forms today. Alternatively, feel free to also contact our Customer Support team or leave us a message on any of our social media accounts (e.g. via TeamEzypay on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter).


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